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Go That Way.

To purchase this photo in high resolution click HERE. 100% of the profits of this photo will go to World Vision.

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Curly fries, Cherry Coke Float and Elvis Posters

Last week John and I were wandering around the colorful college town of Davidson. It’s so full of culture and art and cute little shops like this. We stumbled across the Soda Shop and found this charming and delicious little cafe, strewn with Elvis posters and Norman Rockwell paintings and black and white checkered floors..

My cherry coke float with Deluxe Ice Cream (made in Mooresville!). This was without a doubt the best float I have ever had in my life.

And my seasoned curly fries. So SO delicious. Yes, it’s okay if you’re salivating over there… =}
We love wandering and discovering new places. You never know what amazing little places you might find! So.. give it a try! Explore your area.. =}

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i love doing pictures after dark. playing with light and long exposures. friday night we wandered around downtown mooresville with our cameras and {very heavy} tripods, capturing whatever we desired. john says the tripods are not heavy but i disagree. the air was cold and crisp and the sky looked like a storm was brewing. it was sorta adventurous. so here are my photos from the evening and i’m gonna try to convince john to post some of his.. (those awesome snowboarding pics he took back in january, i’m trying to convince him that you all still want to see them, too! so leave a comment asking him to post them if you don’t think it’s too late. haha.) -beth

To purchase these photos in high resolution click HERE. 100% of profits go to help people in need through World Vision.

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