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project 365: day 50

when i woke up yesterday morning.. there was still a delicate layer of snow gracing the trees with it’s presence. i was delighted. north carolina is not a big snow state and often if it snows at all it’s gone by the morning. i was really busy and didn’t actually get to do snow pictures, but here’s my one i did get. i love how frosty this snow is. almost prickly. snow delights me. as a child i spent months out of the year playing in the snow. and when it snows.. i feel like a little kid all over again. -beth

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project 365: day 49

it snowed here last night for the first time this winter. i couldn’t believe it! i didn’t think we were going to get snow at all this year! it was so beautiful. falling softly against the dark sky. i love snow.

To purchase this photo in high resolution click HERE. 100% of profits go to help people in need.

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Snowboarding at Snowshoe! (iPhone pics)

this past weekend, john and i and some of our best friends went up to west virginia to spend the weekend boarding! it was radical!

it just so happened that the winter x games were going on over the weekend. so very inspiring.! kamikazes.

pizza party!

we got some great night boarding in, too. but it was so freezing!

me and my boarding BFF! (and sam desperately trying to get into our photo)

john will post the action shots of us riding asap. stay tuned! =}

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A White Christmas

I love snow, and especially when it’s on Christmas! It made me feel like a little kid again being outside in the snow, looking up and watching it fall softly to the ground. Or trying to catch the biggest flakes with your tongue:)Since snow in North Carolina is a very rare occasion and it doesnt last very long so we get a bit excited when we get some(well the locals freak out) :) but being from the north, its great :) I know this was like over a week ago, but i just didn’t get around to it before.. sorry:)

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