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project 365: days 55-57

i haven’t posted for a couple days, so i’m catching up! this was my photo of the day from saturday. it was a bouquet i bought for a valentines party i had.. and it kept lasting and lasting so beautifully! this was after it was already a week old. isn’t it beautiful?
and somehow i didn’t take a single photo on sunday. again. i’ve done this twice already and it makes me really sad!

i love trees. so much. they captivate me. and this is one of my absolute favorite trees. i call it “my” tree. it’s actually two trees, twisting into one. i pass it every time i drive to my parents house and yesterday morning i finally stopped and created some photos of it. this one is my favorite but i have a few others i want to show you guys, too. =}
yesterday was one of those drizzly, rainy days.. dark skies and moist earth. i love days like that.. and yesterday was no exception. i’ve got some pretty photos coming up, soon!
To purchase these photos in high resolution click HERE. 100% of profits go to help people in need.

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project 365: day 53

hug a tree. thank it’s Maker. be alive.

to purchase this photo in high resolution, click HERE. 100% of profits go to help people in need.

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project 365: day 52

i have a love affair with cupcakes. they are completely irresistible for me. my mom knows this.. and often buys me beautifully delicious cupcakes from the target bakery. they are SO good. this one was a carmel apple. and it had cinnamon in it somewhere. it was delightful. in all ways cupcakes. what is your favorite little treat from the bakery? or elsewhere?

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project 365: days 42,43 & 44

i don’t have a photo for day 42, and this makes me sad. so early into the project and i miss a day. i don’t have a good excuse. we were traveling but we stopped at a cute coffee shop where i could’ve snagged a picture. i didn’t realize i hadn’t taken one all day. not even an iPhone pic. this is sad. oh well.

these were my valentines gifts for my sisters and mom. can you guess whose is whose? :)

and this is what i found on the coffee table after john left for work yesterday. nothing like that to brighten my morning. =} did you guys get any cute or creative valentines treats from your love? tell me about them!

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project 365: day 35

i wasn’t able to post my photo yesterday because we were traveling and didn’t have internet. we stopped at panera for dinner and ordered a delicious salad each. here’s johns: a mediterranean salmon salad. so that’s my photo of the day from yesterday. we got to our beach house late last night .. in time for a nearly full moon over the ocean surf. it was absolutely beautiful. i’ll be showing you some pictures in time so stay tuned. :)

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project 365: day 34

so this post might confuse you all a little bit, and with good reason. this is my first photo in project 365 and its already day 34? here’s what happened. i wanted to do that this year (a photo every day) but i forgot until about a week ago. so i decided better late than never, so here i am, starting a month late. =}

packing! i’m leaving for a week at the beach in florida with friends tomorrow! my sister-in-law is getting married and the bridal party are all staying at a beach house together the week before. i’m so excited! but not so sure about the 90 degree weather down there.. =/ thank God there’s an ocean to jump into!

and yes, there’s actually two photos for today. i thought my dinner looked rather delicious so the food photographer that i am, i had to take a photo of it.. there’s actually a fillet of salmon hiding underneath that sauce. did i ever mention that i adore salmon?
happy friday and i hope you have a delightful weekend! next week be checking in for beach photos!

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