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How seldom we celebrate WATER.

Happy World Water Day! How often do you stop and celebrate water? We use water endlessly. In our showers, coffee, washing dishes and laundry, cleaning our cars, and on and on. How often do you stop and appreciate that water is always at the reach of your hands, clean, uncontaminated, limitless water? I know I don’t often enough. I take it for granted. All my life it always was there. Always will be. But for over a billion people around the world, this is not a reality. People walk hours every day to retrieve water from ponds or water holes that are contaminated and seething with disease. They die from contaminated water. They lose hours every day fetching the water, hours that could be spent getting an education, or providing for their family.

Did you know that it take over 32 gallons of water to produce one egg? 256 gallons to produce one hamburger? 306 gallons to produce a bag of M’n’M’s? We don’t even realize how much water we indirectly consume every day… and where we would be if we were like the billion people in the world without it.

But there is hope. We can make a difference. We can provide clean water to our family around the world. It’s within our grasp to make a dent in the water crisis. Watch the video below to see how you can help.

Make a difference. Provide clean water. And thank God every day for the beautiful, fresh water dripping from your tap.

To purchase the photo in high resolution click HERE. 100% of the profits will be donated to charity:water.

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What I learned from my 30 hour famine..

As my famine has come to an end, I want to send you all a big thank you. For praying for me, for the people in need, for those of you who physically joined me on my famine, and of course to those of you who donated. I can’t express how incredibly much it means to me! And to think – you are heroes to those people facing another day without food! Your support meant the world to me.

Going into the famine I was doing it for 2 reasons. To raise awareness, and to raise money to help end global hunger. What I didn’t expect was how deeply it would change me. I got such a personal glimpse even if it was such a small one, of what so many people feel every day, all over the world. It felt so real. The pain. Yet I knew at the end of my famine that I could eat. I knew there was food in my pantry, and if there wasn’t, I could run over to the store and buy some. For thousands of people, none of those options are a reality. They went to bed hungry last night, and will again tonight. After searching desperately for food, for something to buy food with, or even for somewhere to buy it.
I know this sounds really silly and it’s okay if you laugh, but as I was preparing John’s dinner last night, the smell almost overpowered me. By then I had been without food since the night before and when I handed him his plate of steaming hot mexican, I literally had to fight tears. It smelled so good. And my stomach was growling ferociously. And I felt so tired, so little energy. That’s when it became so real to me.. that thousands of people go through this on a scale hundreds of times worse. I won’t ever really be the same.

I hope this made a difference in your lives, too. Reaching out to our family around the world who so desperately need us. So thank you again.. and the need is always there.

I don’t have a figure of how much I raised. I decided that wasn’t important.. for me to know how much came in. Because that’s not what mattered. What matters is that we looked beyond ourselves and helped change the world, one person at a time. Thank you for being that change.

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Happy 1st Anniversary to Jacob and Annetta!

It makes you feel happy just watching them together. The type of love that goes between two people who truly mean the world to each other. The love that shows they like just being together. That type of love that makes you wish everyone could have.

Their wedding was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve never felt such exuberance from a newly married couple as they left the altar, finally one. Yes, I cried.

The air was crisp and cool and the long warm rays of autumn sunshine kissed the day they said, I do. One year ago, October 16. To see a few more pictures from their wedding day click here. I hope your first year together was the best you’ve ever had, and the next year will be even more wonderful.

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Blues and Jazz Festival

John and I had the honor of doing pictures of our friend Marc Hoffman of Marc Hoffman Music perform with a talented trio of other jazz musicians – Terry Peoples, Chris Garges and Tim Gordon, at City Club of Rock Hill in SC during the Blues and Jazz Festival. They sounded incredible and we had a wonderful time capturing the evening. So here’s some photos from the evening and take a moment to stop by Marc’s website and listen to his incredible jazz!

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Dennis & Ruth – Wedding portraits

A week ago we had the privilege of photographing our friend Ruth’s wedding. It was wonderful to meet her groom, Dennis, and they had one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever witnessed. Christ was beautifully shining throughout the entire day. So here’s a peek at your portraits, and we’ll be posting some from the ceremony later. We love you guys and wish you the very best!

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Don’t forget to check out the photo contest!

Hey everybody! We’re announcing a photo contest! This is for amateur photographers only. If you do photography as a business, you are not eligible for this contest.
Send us your best shot in the following categories:

Black & White


Landscapes [rural or urban]

The winner of each category gets their photo printed on an 8×10 canvas!
Please enter only one photo per category. Email your photo submissions to: contact@duoimagery.com
Title your email with the category you are entering your photo in. In the email please give us your name and address and the type of camera you used to take the shot. Also, please state your occupation to help us keep this for amateurs. :) If entering more than one photo, please send separate emails per category.
The deadline is April 15, 2011. Please have your photos in by then as submissions received after that will not be eligible.
We will announce the winners on April 25, 2011. Happy shooting and good luck!

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