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project 365: day 36

the beach. the sound of the surf rushing in and out. pelicans swooping over the water, dipping down and coming up with fish. a dolphin in the distance gracefully swimming in and out of the waves. a perfect tiny little portuguese man of war. huge waves crashing over my head. sand beneath my feet. a nearly full moon reflecting on the water.

i took this photo after dark. in fact, let me show you just how dark. :) i took the next photo at the same time. a mere two or three minutes later.

thank God for tripods and shutter releases. :)
for a beautiful day at the beach, the warm breeze, the brisk walk along the ocean, the wind in my hair. for the funny little seagulls who act so terrified of me when i walk up but are too lazy to fly away.
thank God that this is only day one of my week.

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Sunset Beach Day Trip

On Saturday, John and I drove down to Sunset beach for the day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous.. and it was a full moon that night, too.

There were literally hundreds of little pieces of sandollars.. everywhere. Ranging from tiny bits to some almost 3/4’s whole.

I haven’t found a whole sandollar since I was a little girl.. so I was absolutely beside myself when we found not one – but FIVE! I forgot to take a picture of all of them… :(

We walked down the beach for nearly a mile and a half past public beach access.. no buildings behind us and no people swarmed around us. It was blissful. We came across the remains of an old sailboat!

I’ve recently been captivated with night photography. So I had been dreaming of doing some after dark beach pictures..

Let me just say that the full moon over the water was absolutely breathtaking…

As were the lights on the pier..

This last photo is my favorite. Note the stars in the right corner. :)

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