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Birthday, cupcakes, tulips and… a parrot?

My birthday was on the 10th, and my family loves birthdays. We seriously do. It’s an event, a celebration.. time to be together and have fun.. do things we don’t normally do. My family really went all out for me and it made me feel so loved.
They know how much I adore cupcakes.. so that was the theme. And spring. Tulips.. hyacinths. :)

The name places were real tulips in miniature pots. The “dirt” was chocolate bunches. I probably ate a 1/4 of my dirt before dessert.

We played Yahtzee. I got second! And I never even got a yahtzee. And here’s where the Parrot comes in. See him on my dad’s back? His name is Tarzan.

He’s not very smart. He dances though. Makes you laugh like a fool cuz it looks so funny and cute. He’s a show off.
Like I said, they know my love for cupcakes. Check out the wrapping paper! Its just edible. :)

My cake. My littlest sister made it.. isn’t is beautiful?

All these pictures are iPhone.. as I forgot my camera at home. I’m starting to realize I do that a lot. =/ Anyway.. I had such a wonderful party with my amazing family.. I hope you all are blessed to have a family who loves you like mine does me.
Keep calm and have a cupcake!

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masquerade birthday party!

my best party animal buddy had her 22 birthday last week and had a marvelous masquerade party!

putting the candles on the cake..

john made his signature espresso drinks. =}

absolutely delicious food: shiskabobs, coconut rice and salad.

we played a hilarious take on hot potato. we set the camera on timer and passed the camera around the circle. you had to hold the camera facing you as in a self portrait and then pass it on to the next person. the person that the timer went off on and subsequently took a photo of had to share an embarrassing moment!

happy 22nd to one of my best friends in the world. i don’t know what i would do without you. <3

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of red velvet cupcakes and raspberry truffles.

if you’ve been following my blog for very long you will know that i have an affair with cupcakes. i love cupcakes so incredibly much. i just can’t resist them somehow. okay, okay i can. sometimes. when i have to. but double cupcakes with chocolate (aka red velvet) top it with a thick cream cheese frosting and its irresistible! mmm! makes my mouth water just thinking a bout them…
my friend who is a fellow cupcake fanatic bought me this beautiful cupcake the other night.. =}

oh and did i mention chocolate truffles? i take them like they are vitamin C. {i tend to exaggerate, i know}. that hard shell on the outside with creamy meltedness on the inside.. mmmmm. my sister loves buying little chocolate truffles for me and the other day she gave me this. its a frog! how adorable is that? and it was flavored with raspberry.. yum.

so.. what are your favorite types of dessert?

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when a bear bakes a cake..

.. he throws it in the lake!
well, thankfully mine didn’t turn out quite like the bear in the book: When a Bear Bakes a Cake. that was one of my favorite children’s books growing up and i just couldn’t resist. =}

almond poppyseed bundt cake. it’s one of my favorite cakes.. which is nice because its one of the only ones i can really make. i’m definitely more of a chef than a baker but maybe someday i’ll expand my kitchen horizons. the cake was delicious by the way! with an orange glaze.. yummy.
ps. the last photo is also my my photo of the day so there won’t be a separate post for that today.
what are your favorite things to make in the kitchen?

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project 365: day 52

i have a love affair with cupcakes. they are completely irresistible for me. my mom knows this.. and often buys me beautifully delicious cupcakes from the target bakery. they are SO good. this one was a carmel apple. and it had cinnamon in it somewhere. it was delightful. in all ways cupcakes. what is your favorite little treat from the bakery? or elsewhere?

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project 365: day 46

this was my lunch today. basil rice, steamed squash and zucchini topped with guacamole and homemade pico de gallo, with a few delicious leaves of spinach. i could literally get addicted to this meal.

i love eating healthy. and i love how it makes me feel. and yes. i love how it tastes. i don’t understand why people think healthy food tastes bad. maybe the same reason i think unhealthy food tastes bad. okay, okay. most of it.

and since i’m trying to stimulate your taste buds, i thought i’d throw in a photo i took of my salad yesterday. its crisp romaine lettuce, spinach, chopped advocadoes, my homemade pico, chicken sautéed with no oil topped with some crunched up tortilla chips and yogurt salad dressing. it was so delicious.
so! did i make you hungry?

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