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Give Away Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered our give away! I truly wish each and everyone of you could’ve won.

Lindsey Adler’s Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photographers:

I punched everyone into Random.Org for a fair random number.

And the winner is…..

*dramatic silence to keep you on the edge of your seat*

…wait for it….

Sonya Miller!

Congratulations, Sonya!
I’ll be sending you an email. :)

To everyone else – we’re going to be having a give away every couple of months so be sure to stay tuned! Have a very happy Wednesday!

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Our first Give-Away!

Today we are doing our first give-away! While at the WPPI University in Atlanta Georgia, one of the speakers, Lindsey Adler – who is a fashion photographer, spoke on combing fashion with portraits. So, we decided to buy her book. It’s called Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography. It is a beautiful book with lots of awesome and easy tricks and tips to make your portraits look fashionable and gorgeous. We love it. So! For our first give away, we bought an extra book and are going to send the winner a FREE copy, brand-new!

Click on this link to get a sneak peak of what’s inside!
Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography

It’s simple to eneter, and here’s what you have to do. Share this link on your Facebook (click the share button at the bottom of the post) and include a personal message telling your friends to come check out the give-away!

Once you’ve posted that on your Facebook profile, come back here and leave us a comment. Make sure to give us your name and email. Names will be drawn at random a week from today and the winner will be posted on here as well as personally notified by email. If you win, we will ask for your address so we can send it to you!
So good luck and share it with your friends!

Here’s a fun cell phone picture of us at WPPI U. :)

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Mirror, mirror on the wall.. who is the most beautiful of all?

This photo shoot is for my sister who is starting a blog on beauty.. inside and out. About how our culture has emphasized outward perfection to the extreme that few girls can accept themselves for who they are. She’s going to be giving insights and thoughts to help girls find their securities in who they are as beautiful young women.. as well as some simple beauty tips to help girls feel more beautiful. I can’t wait till it’s up and I will be sure to post the address so you can all check it out.

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