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Reading through 2012: week 15

I love reading. I’m obsessed with reading. I can literally keep myself entertained all day long if I have a good book. If you have been following me for awhile, you’ll know that I’m on a challenge of reading 52 books this year. That’s one a week. So far, I’m right on track! Here’s what I’ve been reading since my last update. (Click the book title to see it on amazon.)

#9 Sister Freaks Stories of Women Who Gave Up Everything For God by Rebecca St. James:

#10 The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

#11 Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis

#12 The Help by Kathryn Stockett

#13 The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis

#14 Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul by John and Stasi Eldredge

#15 A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis

To see books #1-8 click HERE and HERE.

Any book suggestions from you readers? What are some books that have changed your life or have inspired you or are just awesome reading? Let me know in the comments!
Happy Reading!

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Birthday, cupcakes, tulips and… a parrot?

My birthday was on the 10th, and my family loves birthdays. We seriously do. It’s an event, a celebration.. time to be together and have fun.. do things we don’t normally do. My family really went all out for me and it made me feel so loved.
They know how much I adore cupcakes.. so that was the theme. And spring. Tulips.. hyacinths. :)

The name places were real tulips in miniature pots. The “dirt” was chocolate bunches. I probably ate a 1/4 of my dirt before dessert.

We played Yahtzee. I got second! And I never even got a yahtzee. And here’s where the Parrot comes in. See him on my dad’s back? His name is Tarzan.

He’s not very smart. He dances though. Makes you laugh like a fool cuz it looks so funny and cute. He’s a show off.
Like I said, they know my love for cupcakes. Check out the wrapping paper! Its just edible. :)

My cake. My littlest sister made it.. isn’t is beautiful?

All these pictures are iPhone.. as I forgot my camera at home. I’m starting to realize I do that a lot. =/ Anyway.. I had such a wonderful party with my amazing family.. I hope you all are blessed to have a family who loves you like mine does me.
Keep calm and have a cupcake!

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of red velvet cupcakes and raspberry truffles.

if you’ve been following my blog for very long you will know that i have an affair with cupcakes. i love cupcakes so incredibly much. i just can’t resist them somehow. okay, okay i can. sometimes. when i have to. but double cupcakes with chocolate (aka red velvet) top it with a thick cream cheese frosting and its irresistible! mmm! makes my mouth water just thinking a bout them…
my friend who is a fellow cupcake fanatic bought me this beautiful cupcake the other night.. =}

oh and did i mention chocolate truffles? i take them like they are vitamin C. {i tend to exaggerate, i know}. that hard shell on the outside with creamy meltedness on the inside.. mmmmm. my sister loves buying little chocolate truffles for me and the other day she gave me this. its a frog! how adorable is that? and it was flavored with raspberry.. yum.

so.. what are your favorite types of dessert?

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project 365: day 54

you know how i said i have a love affair for cupcakes? well, i also really want a puppy. but.. it just doesn’t work for us right now in our little apartment. so look at what my little sister gave me! a puppy with a .. cupcake! and he’s so very soft and cuddly. =} -bethany

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project 365: day 52

i have a love affair with cupcakes. they are completely irresistible for me. my mom knows this.. and often buys me beautifully delicious cupcakes from the target bakery. they are SO good. this one was a carmel apple. and it had cinnamon in it somewhere. it was delightful. in all ways cupcakes. what is your favorite little treat from the bakery? or elsewhere?

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