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masquerade birthday party!

my best party animal buddy had her 22 birthday last week and had a marvelous masquerade party!

putting the candles on the cake..

john made his signature espresso drinks. =}

absolutely delicious food: shiskabobs, coconut rice and salad.

we played a hilarious take on hot potato. we set the camera on timer and passed the camera around the circle. you had to hold the camera facing you as in a self portrait and then pass it on to the next person. the person that the timer went off on and subsequently took a photo of had to share an embarrassing moment!

happy 22nd to one of my best friends in the world. i don’t know what i would do without you. <3

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beach trip! iPhone photos

often our trips are best expressed through our iPhone photos.. the little moments and the little joys. so excuse the poor quality of some of these photos.. but i just couldn’t leave them out because they so perfectly expressed those moments. :)

house of joe. we found this coffee shop at the beginning of the trip and frequented it during the week. the owner is friends with our very own bald guy brew of blowing rock and goes snowboarding there, so it made a rather quick friendship. besides the coffee and smoothies were superb and the atmosphere wonderful, so who could blame us for going there every other day?

most of the days were overcast and a bit windy.. but gorgeous none the less. and hey, we didn’t have to worry about sunburns. :) i actually love the beach when it’s chilly and breezy. when there’s clouds and dark skies. it’s more wild somehow.

ruth’s 21st birthday actually fell on her wedding day, but they threw her a little party at the crab shack we went to a couple nights before. it was overlooking the bay and quite a charming little place with delicious food. she was pretty delighted when they brought her a chocolate brownie for her birthday.

i love storms on the beach. the incredible strength and power of it all makes one feel so small and awed. the howling wind, surging waves and lightning striking on the horizon is enough to make you realize this life isn’t all just about me.

during our spa themed bachlorette party for ruth, the guys went out and got sushi. mmm. look at that? so beautiful. yes i’m jealous.

and the wedding day dawned beautiful with our first real sunrise of the trip. for real. how special is that?

i have too much to say about her wedding.. so maybe i will just not say anything. it was beautiful. and i almost cried during the entire ceremony.

coffee shop again, yes!

goy and i had pinky promised to go and try to see the sea manatee while we were there. so the night after the wedding goy and daryl, andrea, rob, john and i went to this park that was supposedly the best place to sight them. we watched a beautiful sunset, laughed at the clumsy pelicans and admired dolphins lithely dipping in and out of the water around us, but no sea manatees. maybe next time..

afterwards we went to this delicious restaurant with the most curious of names.. “the yellow dog”. i admit we were turned off by the name at first as it revoked images of shaggy yellow dogs shaking off ocean water.. but we got over it and were delightfully surprised at the incredible dinner we ate. i can honestly say i had the best tilapia i’ve ever enjoyed in my entire life.

and with that, the beach trip came to a close. i was sorry to leave. i always am. the beach, as all wild places, is so refreshing, so healing, so rejuvenating. i never want to leave places like that. and for some reason God feels closer. i don’t know why.

we headed over to “the jungle” where john’s parents live to spend an evening with them before heading home. they work at a boy’s camp in the middle of a jungle, complete with alligators and wild pigs and all! it’s an incredible place.

i sat in front of the fire watching the sparks fly around and feeling the warmth against my face and pondered. how this was one of those moments where i realize life will be different from now on. not in a bad way, just different. change. letting go.

embracing the moments that i’m living. with the people i’m living them with. to never take those moments for granted. because they’re gone so quickly. there’s more beautiful moments around the corner, yes, but what of the moments i lived and did not enjoy? they are lost to me. so i resolve to enjoy ever moment. every person.


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rainboarding! sugar mountain.

next weekend we are going on a snowboarding trip at snowshoe ski area. so this past saturday we had planned to go up to sugar mtn to warm up a little bit before the trip. well.. it rained. all day. so john, daryl, sarah and i just headed up to the area anyway, hoping the rain would stop and figuring we could hang out at coffee shops till it did.

which, of course, is exactly what we did. it was a perfect coffee shop day. foggy, rain drizzling, a little breezy.. just .. not such a great ski day.

at the coffee shop they were selling these necklaces made with a nicaraguan coin. and the proceeds from the sale went back to fund a mission in nicaragua who help the hungry and needy. i couldn’t resist.

finally the rain stopped and we got to go for the night session. it sprinkled a little bit and the snow was extremely wet but it was still fun.

while we were waiting for the night session in the lodge, a hillbilly bluegrass band graced us with their live performance. after a couple songs we all thought we were going to go mad. after an hour and a half of it, we did.

it was dark of course and very foggy, so the lights streaking through the fog and the silhouettes of dark trees and people made the feel very eerie and adventurous. (for a little redneck ski area with barely any snow. hey, its good to have imagination!)

(excuse the mediocre quality of the last four photos, they’re iPhone pics.)
have a happy monday full of rain and coziness!

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coffee shop ~ mini session ~ love

We got to do a mini session of one of my best friends and her boyfriend. They’re very carefree, fun people and love books and coffee and hanging out. So naturally we had a lot fun in a coffee shop/book store. :)

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Camping trip – Grayson Highlands

This last weekend John and I went camping in Grayson Highlands, VA with my mom and little sister. (my dad and other sister are in Samoa right now!) Anyway.. it was absolutely gorgeous, crisp and beautiful. It felt like we had entered winter though.. almost all the leaves had already fallen off the trees, and it got down into the 30’s at night.

We sipped more coffees and hot cocoas on this camping trip than almost all the others combined! =}

We walked down to the creek once the sun had come out and warmed up the air a little bit. I actually love hiking when its crisp cool air. I feel energized. :)

We stayed by the creek for a long time soaking in the beauty of it all. The sound of water splashing down over the rocks, the smell of the leaves..

But most of the time we spent next to the fire. Talking, reading, drinking hot drinks..

And did I mention we forgot our tent? We were so thankful, both days and nights the skies were beautiful and clear, no rain! Not just no rain, but the stars were absolutely spectacular. Striking.

And of course lots of marshmallow roasting and yummy s’mores.. :)

We love Grayson Highlands. It’s the closest place in the east we’ve found that resembles the west. The wide open spaces. The getting above timberline. That’s rare out here. And we love it. Feels like you can breathe.. and see.

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