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Of paint, little girls in smocks and ice cream.

Last Saturday our church left the building – we scattered across town and did projects for The Christian Mission, The Soup Kitchen, yard work, picking up trash, and so on. It was an awesome day of loving our community! John and I got to paint at the Christian mission with some of our friends from life group which was way too much fun.
The girls getting decked out in their little smocks. :)

Some tunes to entertain us as we worked.. :)

Anna and Emily would have to be the cutest little workers ever..

We ended the morning by stopping in for some delicious ice cream at the brand new Deluxe parlor. If you live in the area and haven’t tried Deluxe yet, you absolutely must. It’s so so incredibly yummy.

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Blue Like Jazz opening weekend!

The movie to one of the most life-changing books I’ve ever read is in theaters! I cannot wait to go watch it.. and I hope you do, too. Bring your friends.. :)
Blue Like Jazz challenges your view on God, life, and other people like few things ever will. I discovered God in a more real way than I ever had known Him before.. and I haven’t been the same since.

Click HERE to purchase tickets to the movie!

Go. For real. Watch it.
-beth. :)

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Curly fries, Cherry Coke Float and Elvis Posters

Last week John and I were wandering around the colorful college town of Davidson. It’s so full of culture and art and cute little shops like this. We stumbled across the Soda Shop and found this charming and delicious little cafe, strewn with Elvis posters and Norman Rockwell paintings and black and white checkered floors..

My cherry coke float with Deluxe Ice Cream (made in Mooresville!). This was without a doubt the best float I have ever had in my life.

And my seasoned curly fries. So SO delicious. Yes, it’s okay if you’re salivating over there… =}
We love wandering and discovering new places. You never know what amazing little places you might find! So.. give it a try! Explore your area.. =}

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Running around the playground

Yesterday we went with our Lifegroup to the park. It was absolutely beautiful weather, warm and slightly breezy. Pizza, frisbee, balls, playground and a handful of little girlies running around non-stop. It was so much fun.

All kicked back and relaxed..

I love my life group.. everyone needs friends like them. We laugh a lot.. talk about anything and everything, and most of all, they inspire me to keep running the race. So on fire for Christ.

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you know you’re a photographer when…

you think the water boiling over is so pretty.. the bubbles floating and falling off the sides..
that instead of turning down the heat to keep the water from splashing and burning on the stovetop,
you take pictures.


girl trip! blowing rock.

my mom and sister and i went on a little girl trip. (dad and rachelle are still in india). they wanted to surprise me so they didn’t tell me where we were going. we pulled up at this really beautiful spot in blowing rock. there was this beautiful little lake surrounded by trees!
(ps. on the drive up i realized i had forgotten to bring my camera! so once again the following are iPhone pics. what would we do without those?)

the best part was the swans. beautiful lean gorgeous swans swimming across the lake..
the hotel was really nice, too. and there was this awesome swimming pool and jacuzzi and work out room. it was a really fun couple of days to just connect with each other away from daily life.

the next morning we woke up to a beautiful foggy mist over the water and frost on the trees and a thin layer of ice on the surface of the lake. it was so beautiful it took my breath away.

my mom actually took this next photo. :)

then we wandered around in blowing rock a little and went to one of my favorite coffee shops. bald guy brew.

my smooth carmel macchiato.. (he’s amazing at latte art)

we actually ate dinner at this restaurant but i had forgotten to take pictures. it was so delicious.
we had coconut shrimp from the coast with jalepeno mangoes on top and a horseradish marmalade. and gouda grits and parmesan red skin potatoes. it was absolutely delightful.

and here’s a picture of me.. in my new TOMS. :) we forgot to take a group picture so you’ll have to just be content with me.

have a happy sunday. :)


what IS that?

Anyone want to guess what this is? =]

Coming up next: pictures from our weekend camping trip in Grayson Highlands VA with below 40 weather and no tent!