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Birthday, cupcakes, tulips and… a parrot?

My birthday was on the 10th, and my family loves birthdays. We seriously do. It’s an event, a celebration.. time to be together and have fun.. do things we don’t normally do. My family really went all out for me and it made me feel so loved.
They know how much I adore cupcakes.. so that was the theme. And spring. Tulips.. hyacinths. :)

The name places were real tulips in miniature pots. The “dirt” was chocolate bunches. I probably ate a 1/4 of my dirt before dessert.

We played Yahtzee. I got second! And I never even got a yahtzee. And here’s where the Parrot comes in. See him on my dad’s back? His name is Tarzan.

He’s not very smart. He dances though. Makes you laugh like a fool cuz it looks so funny and cute. He’s a show off.
Like I said, they know my love for cupcakes. Check out the wrapping paper! Its just edible. :)

My cake. My littlest sister made it.. isn’t is beautiful?

All these pictures are iPhone.. as I forgot my camera at home. I’m starting to realize I do that a lot. =/ Anyway.. I had such a wonderful party with my amazing family.. I hope you all are blessed to have a family who loves you like mine does me.
Keep calm and have a cupcake!

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Give a gift. Change a life.

Today is my birthday! And this year I’m asking for something a little different. Instead of presents, I’m asking for gifts for the children around the world through my gift catalog with World Vision. There’s a large variety of gifts to choose from: a goat, medicine, school books, fruit trees, clean water, a soccer ball… and the list goes on. If you feel lead to give towards my birthday catalog, please click HERE. Even if you don’t feel like this is the time or place for you to give personally, I have a request. Please share my gift catalog with your family and friends via Facebook, twitter, email, reblogging this or any other social media outlets. The more people who known about it, the more people who get a chance to give! This gifts are literally life changing and not just for the child who receives the gift, but for the whole community as well. It’s life changing for the giver, too.

“And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” Matthew 25:40


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masquerade birthday party!

my best party animal buddy had her 22 birthday last week and had a marvelous masquerade party!

putting the candles on the cake..

john made his signature espresso drinks. =}

absolutely delicious food: shiskabobs, coconut rice and salad.

we played a hilarious take on hot potato. we set the camera on timer and passed the camera around the circle. you had to hold the camera facing you as in a self portrait and then pass it on to the next person. the person that the timer went off on and subsequently took a photo of had to share an embarrassing moment!

happy 22nd to one of my best friends in the world. i don’t know what i would do without you. <3

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New River Camping Trip

So I’m finally posting the pictures from our Camping Trip by the New River for John’s birthday! Earlier I did a post of the canoeing pictures that we took with our iPhones.. to see those click here.
The chefs at work..

And yes, I know that the lighting is terrible in this picture.. but it’s just so funny. John caught a little toad and then showed him “Surviving Sid” on his phone. The toad sat there watching, entranced..

Sam wouldn’t get up so Stevie and I collapsed his tent on him. (It didn’t work.)

I am determined to get a good star trails picture one of these nights. I finally gave up at 4am, so here’s the best ones that I got. :P

John and I took the long route home and drove the Blue Ridge Parkway for awhile. Absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to come back once all the leaves have turned!

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Stevie’s birthday

Stevie’s birthday dinner.. sauteed chicken with veggies.. :)

John is taking Stevie to a Panther’s game for his birthday gift.. :) Looking at seats ..

I got a little carried away with pictures of the cake. It was just SO delicious! It was an ice cream cake. The frosting was perfect, not too sweet and chilled and firm, then a layer of vanilla ice cream, a layer of oreo crunchies and then a layer of chocolate ice cream. YUM.

Happy Birthday to the little bro I’ve always wanted. -beth

Bethy’s birthday

Bethy with her new camera – a handful of us combined and got her a Rebel T1i for her birthday. :)

“And then the sloth heard a scratch, scratch, scratch, and what do you think he saw?”
“The end of this lame story?”
“Nooo. He saw a vicious, bloodthirsty MONSTER!!!”
“Monsters are proved manifestations of subconscious fear.”
*sighs* “You are so much fun to take on a camping trip. Anywhoo..”

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Ranee’s birthday party!

Ranee turned 20! yay!
I loved her party. We just.. totally chilled and freestyled the whole day. My favorite type of party. :)
ps. Isn’t she so cute blowing out candles? Most of the time people look kinda funny like gasping for breath. She’s so cute!
<3 you Ranee!