About Us

We’re a team of photographers, John and Bethany Detweiler, passionate about creating beautiful pictures.. especially of people who might not get the chance otherwise. The value of a photo cannot be measured and we want to bring that gift to people. The way it makes one feel, the way their eyes light up when they have their photo taken is something we cherish. It makes our eyes light up, too.
We do portraits and weddings, and also love to do scenery and still life, especially high dynamic range photography, which makes photos look better than life. We love artistic photography, different angles and views and love thinking out of the box.
So feel free to browse around on our site and see beauty how we do.. through our eyes, our lens.
If you like any of our scenery/still life/artistic photos you may purchase them at our store by clicking HERE. 100% of the profits from these photos go to help people in need through trustworthy organizations such as World Vision.
If you would like to book us for a portrait session or wedding, visit the Contact tab.

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