of red velvet cupcakes and raspberry truffles.

if you’ve been following my blog for very long you will know that i have an affair with cupcakes. i love cupcakes so incredibly much. i just can’t resist them somehow. okay, okay i can. sometimes. when i have to. but double cupcakes with chocolate (aka red velvet) top it with a thick cream cheese frosting and its irresistible! mmm! makes my mouth water just thinking a bout them…
my friend who is a fellow cupcake fanatic bought me this beautiful cupcake the other night.. =}

oh and did i mention chocolate truffles? i take them like they are vitamin C. {i tend to exaggerate, i know}. that hard shell on the outside with creamy meltedness on the inside.. mmmmm. my sister loves buying little chocolate truffles for me and the other day she gave me this. its a frog! how adorable is that? and it was flavored with raspberry.. yum.

so.. what are your favorite types of dessert?

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4 thoughts on “of red velvet cupcakes and raspberry truffles.

  1. Veerle says:

    That chocolate frog is THE cutest thing but I bet it doesn’t taste as yummy as the chocolate over here:)

  2. Mmm that red velvet cupcake looks heavenly! I just had a cupcake the other day with this amazing chocolate buttercream and Oreo topping……it was pretty tasty!

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