What I learned from my 30 hour famine..

As my famine has come to an end, I want to send you all a big thank you. For praying for me, for the people in need, for those of you who physically joined me on my famine, and of course to those of you who donated. I can’t express how incredibly much it means to me! And to think – you are heroes to those people facing another day without food! Your support meant the world to me.

Going into the famine I was doing it for 2 reasons. To raise awareness, and to raise money to help end global hunger. What I didn’t expect was how deeply it would change me. I got such a personal glimpse even if it was such a small one, of what so many people feel every day, all over the world. It felt so real. The pain. Yet I knew at the end of my famine that I could eat. I knew there was food in my pantry, and if there wasn’t, I could run over to the store and buy some. For thousands of people, none of those options are a reality. They went to bed hungry last night, and will again tonight. After searching desperately for food, for something to buy food with, or even for somewhere to buy it.
I know this sounds really silly and it’s okay if you laugh, but as I was preparing John’s dinner last night, the smell almost overpowered me. By then I had been without food since the night before and when I handed him his plate of steaming hot mexican, I literally had to fight tears. It smelled so good. And my stomach was growling ferociously. And I felt so tired, so little energy. That’s when it became so real to me.. that thousands of people go through this on a scale hundreds of times worse. I won’t ever really be the same.

I hope this made a difference in your lives, too. Reaching out to our family around the world who so desperately need us. So thank you again.. and the need is always there.

I don’t have a figure of how much I raised. I decided that wasn’t important.. for me to know how much came in. Because that’s not what mattered. What matters is that we looked beyond ourselves and helped change the world, one person at a time. Thank you for being that change.

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