An aspiring musician

Here are a few HDR composites of my brother Samuel. I love doing HDR and compositing, the two together are awesome! I can’t wait for longer days so that i can get out and shoot some awesome HDRs. And then i need some people to photograph for compositing !
This top Photo is actually the inside of the garage in the 3rd photo, i was just walking along and happened to look in the window and I was like wow that would make a great HDR. The window was broken out so i just stuck my camera through the window and took a few HDR sets. I just love the detail and color that HDR brings out, aspects that we don’t see with our natural eyes.

This is my brother Samuel, he’s an awesome guy! He loves music, and he’s so passionate about it. I really wish him the best!

So let me know what you think, I love feedback. what do like or not like?


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