project 365: day 51

for real.. this is the only photo i took yesterday! someone can spank me. i don’t have any good excuses so i won’t try to muster any up. i didn’t bring my camera with me when i left to spend the day with my mom. spank me again! anyway. this is me at panera bread. one of my favorite places to eat and hang out, btw.
do you see my TOMS shoe drop necklace? it represents the thousands of brand new shoes that TOMS gives away to children who don’t have shoes. for every shoe you buy from TOMS, they donate a brand new pair to a child in need. why shoes? because shoes prevent children from getting diseases and cuts and infections on their feet. in a lot of places, kids aren’t allowed to go to school without shoes. so whenever you purchase a pair of shoes from TOMS for yourself, you’re giving a child a chance at a better life. who knows? they might become the president of their country. or start a humanitarian effort to make a better future for the kids in their country. all because you gave them a pair of shoes. so if you aren’t a TOMS shoe-wearer already, i highly recommend a skip and jump over to their website to check them out. i have two pair and they’re the most comfortable shoes i’ve ever worn. and very practical. oh and did i mention very stylish? TOMS website.

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2 thoughts on “project 365: day 51

  1. Bethy says:

    I love this pics of you!! I’m getting TOMS for my birthday and seriously CANNOT WAIT!!! *squeak of happiness* :) :)

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