project 365: day 48

i feel all hardcore drinking water out of this canteen. you know. like the studs in the movies wiping the sweat off their brows as they’re trekking across the sahara. i think it makes the water taste better. being in a canteen like that.
water. it’s incredible how our very lives are intwined and dependent on water.
the angle makes this canteen look round. but it’s actually one of those awesome flat ones. yeah i know you’re jealous now.
tip of the day: try drinking a gallon of water a day. its so good for you. it makes you feel very hydrated, too.

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2 thoughts on “project 365: day 48

  1. Bethy says:

    I’m chuckling..I love the way you put all that! We didn’t have power the other day for most of the night and then the following day and I came face to face with how MUCH we depend on water! I missed it horribly…and this bottle is AWESOME!!

    • Duoimagery says:

      Yeah.. we are so dependent on water. It’s been so impressed on me from watching videos of people around the world who have to walk like 4 hours one way every day to fetch (dirty) water to survive.. I’m so grateful for my water and doing what I can to bring clean water to everyone else, too!

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