project 365: day 46

this was my lunch today. basil rice, steamed squash and zucchini topped with guacamole and homemade pico de gallo, with a few delicious leaves of spinach. i could literally get addicted to this meal.

i love eating healthy. and i love how it makes me feel. and yes. i love how it tastes. i don’t understand why people think healthy food tastes bad. maybe the same reason i think unhealthy food tastes bad. okay, okay. most of it.

and since i’m trying to stimulate your taste buds, i thought i’d throw in a photo i took of my salad yesterday. its crisp romaine lettuce, spinach, chopped advocadoes, my homemade pico, chicken sautéed with no oil topped with some crunched up tortilla chips and yogurt salad dressing. it was so delicious.
so! did i make you hungry?

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6 thoughts on “project 365: day 46

  1. Jodiann says:

    the salad looks way too yummy! :) i can’t have advocadoes though.. :(

  2. great presentation and photos!

  3. Bethy says:

    Oh my goodness. YUMMY!!! Yes, I’m salivating here..:P

  4. naomi waldner says:


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