project 365: days 42,43 & 44

i don’t have a photo for day 42, and this makes me sad. so early into the project and i miss a day. i don’t have a good excuse. we were traveling but we stopped at a cute coffee shop where i could’ve snagged a picture. i didn’t realize i hadn’t taken one all day. not even an iPhone pic. this is sad. oh well.

these were my valentines gifts for my sisters and mom. can you guess whose is whose? :)

and this is what i found on the coffee table after john left for work yesterday. nothing like that to brighten my morning. =} did you guys get any cute or creative valentines treats from your love? tell me about them!

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2 thoughts on “project 365: days 42,43 & 44

  1. Rhoda says:

    My guy brought me my favorite fruit along with flowers and chocolate.

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