beach! days 1 & 2

the huge beach house the bridal party is staying at..

the last couple days my life has consisted of beach walks, ocean breezes, the surf coming in over my toes, cold jumps into the ocean, looking at seashells, wandering around on the beach taking photos and being with friends. :)

yesterday we went over to the park where ruth and mahlon’s wedding is going to be.. its beautiful. surrounded by palm trees and overlooking the bay. it has a little pier and will be quite charming at night for their reception.

it’s been very cloudy so far at the beach. i honestly don’t mind because it’s been so much more beautiful and makes for better photos, too.. and mostly, because its not so hot! it’s been in the 70’s and cool breezes the whole time. so delightful.
i found a perfect little porteuguese man of war on the beach. so deadly and beautiful.

and i finally got a picture of the moon..


To purchase these photos in high resolution click here.

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5 thoughts on “beach! days 1 & 2

  1. Beautiful rugged beach scenes. Are you pulling some of the shadow detail with HDR? Nice shots John!

  2. Katie Troyer says:

    Beautiful! Makes me want to go to a quiet beach.

  3. Bethy says:

    This post makes me wish so badly I could have been there with you…going on beach walks with you would have been beyond amazing…*sigh* the Portuguese man of war thingy is fascinating! I’ve never seen one before. I love the beach pics…wow. :)

    • Duoimagery says:

      I wish you could’ve been there, too.. so badly! sigh. It would’ve been lovely! It’s a very poisonous jellyfish! I was always captivated by them when I was little and I guess I still am. =}

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