rainboarding! sugar mountain.

next weekend we are going on a snowboarding trip at snowshoe ski area. so this past saturday we had planned to go up to sugar mtn to warm up a little bit before the trip. well.. it rained. all day. so john, daryl, sarah and i just headed up to the area anyway, hoping the rain would stop and figuring we could hang out at coffee shops till it did.

which, of course, is exactly what we did. it was a perfect coffee shop day. foggy, rain drizzling, a little breezy.. just .. not such a great ski day.

at the coffee shop they were selling these necklaces made with a nicaraguan coin. and the proceeds from the sale went back to fund a mission in nicaragua who help the hungry and needy. i couldn’t resist.

finally the rain stopped and we got to go for the night session. it sprinkled a little bit and the snow was extremely wet but it was still fun.

while we were waiting for the night session in the lodge, a hillbilly bluegrass band graced us with their live performance. after a couple songs we all thought we were going to go mad. after an hour and a half of it, we did.

it was dark of course and very foggy, so the lights streaking through the fog and the silhouettes of dark trees and people made the feel very eerie and adventurous. (for a little redneck ski area with barely any snow. hey, its good to have imagination!)

(excuse the mediocre quality of the last four photos, they’re iPhone pics.)
have a happy monday full of rain and coziness!

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