girl trip! blowing rock.

my mom and sister and i went on a little girl trip. (dad and rachelle are still in india). they wanted to surprise me so they didn’t tell me where we were going. we pulled up at this really beautiful spot in blowing rock. there was this beautiful little lake surrounded by trees!
(ps. on the drive up i realized i had forgotten to bring my camera! so once again the following are iPhone pics. what would we do without those?)

the best part was the swans. beautiful lean gorgeous swans swimming across the lake..
the hotel was really nice, too. and there was this awesome swimming pool and jacuzzi and work out room. it was a really fun couple of days to just connect with each other away from daily life.

the next morning we woke up to a beautiful foggy mist over the water and frost on the trees and a thin layer of ice on the surface of the lake. it was so beautiful it took my breath away.

my mom actually took this next photo. :)

then we wandered around in blowing rock a little and went to one of my favorite coffee shops. bald guy brew.

my smooth carmel macchiato.. (he’s amazing at latte art)

we actually ate dinner at this restaurant but i had forgotten to take pictures. it was so delicious.
we had coconut shrimp from the coast with jalepeno mangoes on top and a horseradish marmalade. and gouda grits and parmesan red skin potatoes. it was absolutely delightful.

and here’s a picture of me.. in my new TOMS. :) we forgot to take a group picture so you’ll have to just be content with me.

have a happy sunday. :)


2 thoughts on “girl trip! blowing rock.

  1. Meg Martin says:

    Sounds perfect. I’d give anything right now to spend some quality time with my dear mom and sisters… So I’m just so happy that you got that pleasure!

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