reading through 2012: week 2

yes, i know that i missed week one. oh well. i’ll catch up with week two. :) i made a goal for 2012. to read a book a week. well, so far i’ve been exceeding that goal. which kinda is cool so if i get behind i’ll have a little extra room. enough said. here’s the books i’ve read since the new year so far.

book one: live like a jesus freak by dc talk

this book was really good for me. challenging. i call myself a jesus freak. but do i really live like one? the people who stories are scattered through this book did. and i can too. this book breaks down what it really means to live like one. radically. the way that changes the world. and the best part? you can, too.

book two: one thousand gifts by ann voskamp

this book changed my life already. literally. she finds purpose and joy and life in every moment of her life. the bad ones and the good ones alike. and so can i. the key? gratitude. it’s so simple. and yet i’ve already been seeing it change my life. thanking jesus for every moment, every little tiny thing. it changes you.

book three: god’s golden acre by dale le back

this book is a biography of the incredible real life woman named heather reynolds. someone who didn’t want to just live a normal life and turn her face from the pain and needs around her. she takes in kids whose parents have died of that horrible thing called aids. she also spends her life driving out in the mountains to help other families in need, bringing food, clothes, hope and love to people so desperately in need of them. people who don’t even have a chance to change their lives, no chance at a job. all they can do is survive. which is nearly impossible. this book shook my vision of reality.

book four: a million miles in a thousand years by donald miller

donald miller wrote this book on what he learned while editing his life to make a better story for a movie. it taught him a lot about real life. about writing our own story. not a book, not a movie, but what we do everyday, who we are. we do have control over our destiny, how we choose to live our life, live our story. and we can start writing a fresh story right now. you can, too.

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2 thoughts on “reading through 2012: week 2

  1. Bethy says:

    I love the look of your new site. It’s really cool and stark and simple…I love it. :) These books all sound incredibly inspiring! #2 is my favorite, of course. I love what you said about it. :)

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