2011 in review. favorite photos

In honor of the new year I dug through all my photos from 2011. I chose two of my favorites from each month. With the exception of one or two, these are not selected from actual sessions, weddings, etc, but simply my own photo library. Sometimes it was really hard to pick only two! I’ve been in some incredible places this year.. :) These are just my photos, maybe I can get John to dig through his, too!

badlands national park

chicago covered in snow

darling cherish matthews

my cutie little sister

remembering isaac coates

three goats coffee shop

a rad hippie van

charlotte at night

i’m quite beside myself


a pirate’s life for me

lake norman state park

south mountains state park

entertainers in boone

arches national park, delicate arch

lightning over lake norman

jazz festival

mirror on the wall

sushi + wasabi

fall in the grayson highlands

engagement at caribou coffee shop

me + you = <3

candy on the tree

for unto us a child is born, a hope is given


3 thoughts on “2011 in review. favorite photos

  1. Iva says:

    You did an amazing job with every one of these pictures. I could not just choose one favorite. They are all beautiful.

  2. Bethy says:

    Oh wow I LOVE this!! These pics are breathtaking…:) Makes me want to do this too…it’s such a nice way to remember…:)

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