downtown asheville: art. culture. music.

fog entrenching the mountains in a dreamy slumber.

a cozy coffee shop on a rainy day.

a delectable organic mocha smoothing over my tastebuds.

crumbs of a carrot cake muffin.

a good book, an empty cup.

pansies blooming in january.

a himalayan restaurant with exquisite flavors dancing in my mouth.

chai so authentic when i close my eyes i’m again in india holding a burning stainless steel cup surrounded by a little courtyard full of laughing colorful children and mothers beating the chaff from the wheat by hand.

a map to explore.

a museum of art expanding my mind and flowing through me with inspiration.

bright, colorful cones lined up against a wall.

leaves caught in a gap.

the past.

raindrops on a bench.

live, swelling music on the street.

an explosion of delicious chocolate in my mouth.

a captivating mural on a building in the river arts district.

{all photos taken on an iPhone}


6 thoughts on “downtown asheville: art. culture. music.

  1. Sarah says:

    WOW!! You guys pulled beauty from a city I haven’t decided to like yet. lol. One thing I love about Asheville though, is that when I go there I am again in Portland or Seattle and it feels like home again. p.s. I bet you can’t guess which is my favorite photo. ;)

    • Duoimagery says:

      Aww.. thank you! We absolutely LOVE Asheville.. its so artsy and charming and full of inspiration! I want to go to Portland and Seattle someday.. very badly. Hmm.. I couldn’t guess.. (not)… =D

  2. grettacoates says:

    Whoa. I like this post A LOT. Love all your expressive captions. :) Asheville is so artistic. Someday I’m gonna go explore it myself!

  3. Bethy says:

    This post is like poetry you can read and see…<3 :)

    p.s. The fact that you took all the pics with an iPhone amazes me.

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