Start Something that Matters

Are you wishing you could be part of something bigger? Something beyond yourself? You’re not sure how to reach out and be that, not sure where to start? This is the book for you.
Blake Mycoskie, who wrote the book, “Start Something that Matters” founded the TOMS Shoe company in 2006. The idea of TOMS is simple and yet the core of the company: “With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.”
In this book, Blake shares how his company became a raging success in fashion, and has provided shoes for over one million children in need. Blake starts out his book by sharing his story – the mistakes, successes, joys, pains and all, and then goes on to help you find your story. To figure out what defines you and what you what do to. But more importantly, why you want to do it. He encourages you to face your fears – with real life examples of people who did, and conquered, and became part of a movement that matters.
The book is not full of tips of what to do and what not to do, but rather finding the core of “why”. Why you want to start something that matters, because the strongest and most successful people, businesses and charities in the world have centered themselves around why they do what they do, not what it is they do. Then he leads on to show you how incorporating giving into a central part of who you are, who your business or charity is, can change your life and the world.
Blake focuses on key core values such as being resourceful, having open, honest communication, simplicity, and of course giving back. But this book is mostly about finding you. Finding what you believe in, and why. It is an inspiring book that makes being part of a movement that makes a difference, whether small or large, reachable and tangible to everyone out there.. you. Not just people with lots of contacts and money and resources, but every single one of us. You and I can be part of the change in the world, and for you, it could start by reading this book.

Buy “Start Something that Matters”

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