Warm Blanket Care fundraising party

Those of you who follow my blog and Facebook know about my cause or mission right now. I’m helping my friend Elaini of misselainious.com reach her goal of raising $50,000 for Warm Blankets Orphan Care International – India Rescue Mission. Warm Blankets Orphan Care is a mission that creates not orphanages but homes for children who have nothing. They rescue them off the streets and provide a loving family environment, food, love, safety, healing, protection and a chance to get to know Jesus personally. I’ve seen firsthand what orphans in the slums of India go through and this mission touches my heart deeply. So I’ve been doing what I can to raise money to help them. So last night we had a fundraising party and I want to share it with you all.
I had some of my hand carved pieces from India setting out.. this one is the national emblem of India.

The elephant is marble and gem – modeled after the Taj Mahal.

With India as the theme of the evening I made Saag Paneer which is curried spinach and cheese with delicate spices.

And chicken korma which is a coconut sauce with curry and other spices. Indian food is all about the delicious spices..

I made chai and served it with lemon cookies, but didn’t get a photo of that.. And of course lattes. =)

In all we raised $445 which is enough to sponsor a home for over an entire month!
With Thanksgiving just past, I’ve been thinking a lot how incredibly much we have.. as we were gathered around holding hands to pray over Thanksgiving dinner I looked around at all my family, at the warm house we were in, the delicious food we were about to enjoy, the safety.. and I thought about all the people who were out in the streets right then, curling up under cardboard, digging through trash cans for food. Not just in places far away like India, but in our own hometowns. I was thinking about the kids with cancer I send cards to, how most kids (and adults) wish for toys and parties and chocolate for christmas.. and those kids just wish they could go home from the hospital.. just wish that for one day they wouldn’t feel horrible. And it made me wish I could take back every complaint I’d ever made about food. About not having the clothes I want. About the heat not being turned on high enough. About the dishwasher breaking.
For Christmas I want to give those children in India the chance to not sleep in the streets, to not be hiding from horrible people who would capture them and put them in the sex trade or sell them as slaves. To give them food and a safe, warm house and love and a family. Will you join me in helping them? I know sometimes it seems like there’s so little we can do when we don’t have a whole lot to spare. But I’m not asking for a whole lot. Would you help me give just a little? Would you skip a latte at your favorite coffeeshop and donate $4? Or skip going out to eat and donate $10. Maybe it doesn’t feel like that makes a difference.. but to the little kids getting a meal that day because you skipped a coffee.. it made a difference to them.


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