Give away! Start Something That Matters + $50 to the charity of your choice

I am super jazzed about this give away. Blake Mycoskie – the founder and chief shoe giver of TOM’s shoe company has released a book. For those of you who don’t know about TOM’S, it’s an awesome shoe company that gives away a brand new pair of shoes to kids who cannot afford them in countries where they are most needed.. for every single pair of shoes that they sell. They call it One for One. I’m a big fan of TOM’s and that’s why this is SO exciting for me! The book is called Start Something That Matters. I was chosen to join their program “books for bloggers”, where I received two copies of the book. One is mine to keep and read.. the other to give away to one of you guys! The deal was I have to write an honest review on my blog, and on the book’s amazon page. I’m so excited to read the book and as soon as I’m finished I’ll write up the review and be sure to let you all know!
So here is the trailer for his book:

And here’s a little bit more about the book and about Blake:
Start Something that Matters – the blog

So are you guys ready to stretch yourselves out of your comfort zones and make a difference in the world? =} If so, this book is a GREAT first stepping stone.
If you win, just because we love you guys so much, we are gonna donate $50 to the charity of your choice!
So here’s how to enter for the book and $50 to your favorite charity.
First, share this post on Facebook and tell your friends to check it out so they can enter, too! Then leave us a comment on this post. Tell us what you would want to start.. what kind of difference you want to make. There’s no wrong answer here.. so please don’t be shy! Also, tell us the name of your favorite charity. It’s very important that you leave a comment here, otherwise you will not be entered.
And.. there’s more! You are allowed up to three (3) more entries by doing any or all the following:

#1: share this post on twitter and come back and leave another comment.
#2. share this post on google+ and come back and leave another comment.
#3. share this post on your blog and come back and leave another comment.

You must leave a separate comment for each additional entry to be entered more than once.

Good luck and I’m supper jazzed to see what you guys want to do to impact our world!

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7 thoughts on “Give away! Start Something That Matters + $50 to the charity of your choice

  1. Meg Martin says:

    I’m super excited. I hope I win because this is the kind of thing I get so excited about. I have been one of TOMS biggest fans for several years now. It all started when I was able to be present when my brother gave a speech about it at his college and I was so impressed by all of his research and his passion… all because he was so inspired by Blake. Do I really have to pick one charity? My current charity of choice is going to be the USO because of how they cared for our family (Free food, lodging, etc) while we were enroute to Japan. They help thousands of military members and their families every day and it means so much.

    P.S. I just posted this to google+.

  2. This is an awesome giveaway I already love toms they are amazingly comfortable and everytime you buy a pair you are helping someone in need. Awesome company!

    I shared this on facebook, I know it doesnt count for the giveaway but its still worth sharing!

    • I would also donate the money to USO because of the wonderful things they did for my husband while he was deployed, there are so many deserving charities but this one hits home for me. Keeping my husband and the other men that are deployed comfortable and sending them the things that they need!

  3. Ashley Stutzman says:

    What I would start???!!!! Which idea??

    The main idea I have is a foundation that sends Christian kids through college to get a TESOL degree, and then sends them into different closed countries as missionaries, with the “cover” of teachers. It can be really hard to get a long term visa in some of the closed countries with out a degree of some kind, and I have heard quite a few people say that they would love to go in as teachers, but they can’t afford college.

    My favorite charity……I’ll say GFA(Gospel for Asia). I love how they have spread across Asia, and how many programs they have for that region!

  4. alexbeadonx says:

    This is beyond awesome, and as much as I definitely want to win the book – I also just want to spread the word because 1) the book looks amazing and 2) the message is so important.

    What would I want to start? I would want to start some kind of project that involved photographers going to problem areas around the world, shooting the beautiful natural aspects of these countries and then selling the photos so that 100% of the profits could go back into the problem area. Something that linked photography with doing good I think. Hmm … it definitely needs work :) but hey – it’s better than nothing! :)

    I already know who I would chose as my charity – – my favourite!

    Off to post on Google + and twitter!

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