Camping trip – Grayson Highlands

This last weekend John and I went camping in Grayson Highlands, VA with my mom and little sister. (my dad and other sister are in Samoa right now!) Anyway.. it was absolutely gorgeous, crisp and beautiful. It felt like we had entered winter though.. almost all the leaves had already fallen off the trees, and it got down into the 30’s at night.

We sipped more coffees and hot cocoas on this camping trip than almost all the others combined! =}

We walked down to the creek once the sun had come out and warmed up the air a little bit. I actually love hiking when its crisp cool air. I feel energized. :)

We stayed by the creek for a long time soaking in the beauty of it all. The sound of water splashing down over the rocks, the smell of the leaves..

But most of the time we spent next to the fire. Talking, reading, drinking hot drinks..

And did I mention we forgot our tent? We were so thankful, both days and nights the skies were beautiful and clear, no rain! Not just no rain, but the stars were absolutely spectacular. Striking.

And of course lots of marshmallow roasting and yummy s’mores.. :)

We love Grayson Highlands. It’s the closest place in the east we’ve found that resembles the west. The wide open spaces. The getting above timberline. That’s rare out here. And we love it. Feels like you can breathe.. and see.

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