Food photography week

October’s week photo theme was food photography. Ay yi yi. I had fun. :)
So without further ado, I hope you ate lunch or this might be a tad painful. :P
Here’s my day #1. We went to eat at Joel’s Asian Grill. I had sushi for the 2nd time ever in my life and this time I loved it. No, really. I did.

And because the food was so delightful, I had to have two pictures from day #1.

Bethy’s day #1 – what better way to knock off the week than with PIZZA?

Day #2 – lunch at panera. (a FREE you pick two from our rewards card! yes, we do go that often)

Bethy’s Day #2- I lusted after this little snack of hers. Like Fall food-onified. Yeah I just made that up.

Day #3- I had a fundraising party and for a snack we had artichoke pizza. It was SO good.

Bethy’s Day #3 – FRO-YO!

Day #4 – pumpkin soup. ahh.

Bethy’s Day #4 – this meal makes my stomach growl :)

Day #5 – Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory “Apple Pie” covered apple. It makes my taste buds soar.

Bethy’s Day #5 – her yummy looking lunch. with pepsi, of course.

Day #6 – Baingan Bharta – eggplant curry. :) It was so so yummy. I’ve been on this craze for Indian food lately. I always loved Indian food but I realized last week that I’d made it twice and we’d gone to our Indian restaurant once, all in one week. :)

Bethy’s Day #6 – I’m a sucker for rice and oh my.. this just looks so delicious to me. :)

Day #7 – My lunch at Field of Greens

And since it was the last day, I had to do two again. :)

Bethy’s Day #7 – Her deliciously beautiful meal for her boyfriend’s birthday. :)

So.. if that didn’t make you hungry, I don’t know what would. :)

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2 thoughts on “Food photography week

  1. Bethy says:

    My stomach literally growled twice while looking at these…:P We’re good…hehe:)

    p.s. Someday I want to eat an apple like that with you! And I also want to have sushi with you. ;)

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