national coffee day! {about us}

Today is National Coffee day, and in honor of that John and I skipped over to Caribou to have a coffee party. Just the two of us. Relaxed. Yes. That is how we party.

“we are here to love each other. uplift each other. serve each other.” -yogi tea bag

Yes I know. Anyone who really knows John can tell at first glance that this photo is super posed. (John hates real, tangible books. It’s one of our biggest marriage problems. justkidding. But he really doesn’t like real books!)

Amen. Who doesn’t like cake for breakfast? {what do you stay awake for? -Caribou}

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One thought on “national coffee day! {about us}

  1. Bethy says:

    I love this post! And the justkidding comment…:P The pics are delightful! :)

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