Macro Week

So I decided to do this month’s photo a day a little differently. Instead of posting the photo every day, I thought I would just do one post with all of my photos from the week.. as well as my friend Bethy’s since she does it with me and her photos are beautiful. :) So here they are!

So here is the first one for me..

And Bethy’s first..

#2 for me (at sunset beach!)

#2 for Bethy.. (guesses on what it is, anyone?)

My third..

And Bethy’s third (she did a cute engagement session)

Here’s number four for me (what happened to the reeses’ cups)

Number four for Bethy (a rose from her BF =)

My number 5 (John and my wedding cake toppers =)

And Bethy’s number 5..

Number 6 for me.. (I am so very ready for fall!)

Number 6 for Bethy.. (I do believe this is my favorite from hers. It speaks to me..)

And my finale! (Gnocchi with a red cream sauce and mushrooms)

Bethy’s finale! (snack mix she made. YUM!)

So we had a super fun week of macro shots.. and I hope you enjoyed browsing them! If you haven’t yet, hop on over to Bethy’s website to check out more of her photos!

Have a happy Thursday!

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One thought on “Macro Week

  1. Bethy says:

    I love this. :)

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