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national coffee day! {about us}

Today is National Coffee day, and in honor of that John and I skipped over to Caribou to have a coffee party. Just the two of us. Relaxed. Yes. That is how we party.

“we are here to love each other. uplift each other. serve each other.” -yogi tea bag

Yes I know. Anyone who really knows John can tell at first glance that this photo is super posed. (John hates real, tangible books. It’s one of our biggest marriage problems. justkidding. But he really doesn’t like real books!)

Amen. Who doesn’t like cake for breakfast? {what do you stay awake for? -Caribou}

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Our first Give-Away!

Today we are doing our first give-away! While at the WPPI University in Atlanta Georgia, one of the speakers, Lindsey Adler – who is a fashion photographer, spoke on combing fashion with portraits. So, we decided to buy her book. It’s called Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography. It is a beautiful book with lots of awesome and easy tricks and tips to make your portraits look fashionable and gorgeous. We love it. So! For our first give away, we bought an extra book and are going to send the winner a FREE copy, brand-new!

Click on this link to get a sneak peak of what’s inside!
Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography

It’s simple to eneter, and here’s what you have to do. Share this link on your Facebook (click the share button at the bottom of the post) and include a personal message telling your friends to come check out the give-away!

Once you’ve posted that on your Facebook profile, come back here and leave us a comment. Make sure to give us your name and email. Names will be drawn at random a week from today and the winner will be posted on here as well as personally notified by email. If you win, we will ask for your address so we can send it to you!
So good luck and share it with your friends!

Here’s a fun cell phone picture of us at WPPI U. :)

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Mirror, mirror on the wall.. who is the most beautiful of all?

This photo shoot is for my sister who is starting a blog on beauty.. inside and out. About how our culture has emphasized outward perfection to the extreme that few girls can accept themselves for who they are. She’s going to be giving insights and thoughts to help girls find their securities in who they are as beautiful young women.. as well as some simple beauty tips to help girls feel more beautiful. I can’t wait till it’s up and I will be sure to post the address so you can all check it out.

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Macro Week

So I decided to do this month’s photo a day a little differently. Instead of posting the photo every day, I thought I would just do one post with all of my photos from the week.. as well as my friend Bethy’s since she does it with me and her photos are beautiful. :) So here they are!

So here is the first one for me..

And Bethy’s first..

#2 for me (at sunset beach!)

#2 for Bethy.. (guesses on what it is, anyone?)

My third..

And Bethy’s third (she did a cute engagement session)

Here’s number four for me (what happened to the reeses’ cups)

Number four for Bethy (a rose from her BF =)

My number 5 (John and my wedding cake toppers =)

And Bethy’s number 5..

Number 6 for me.. (I am so very ready for fall!)

Number 6 for Bethy.. (I do believe this is my favorite from hers. It speaks to me..)

And my finale! (Gnocchi with a red cream sauce and mushrooms)

Bethy’s finale! (snack mix she made. YUM!)

So we had a super fun week of macro shots.. and I hope you enjoyed browsing them! If you haven’t yet, hop on over to Bethy’s website to check out more of her photos!

Have a happy Thursday!

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Sunset Beach Day Trip

On Saturday, John and I drove down to Sunset beach for the day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous.. and it was a full moon that night, too.

There were literally hundreds of little pieces of sandollars.. everywhere. Ranging from tiny bits to some almost 3/4’s whole.

I haven’t found a whole sandollar since I was a little girl.. so I was absolutely beside myself when we found not one – but FIVE! I forgot to take a picture of all of them… :(

We walked down the beach for nearly a mile and a half past public beach access.. no buildings behind us and no people swarmed around us. It was blissful. We came across the remains of an old sailboat!

I’ve recently been captivated with night photography. So I had been dreaming of doing some after dark beach pictures..

Let me just say that the full moon over the water was absolutely breathtaking…

As were the lights on the pier..

This last photo is my favorite. Note the stars in the right corner. :)

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Macro #1

It’s that week of the month where my friend and I do the themed photo week. She chose this week and went with macro. I love shooting macro. In fact, I have to be careful at weddings and events to not get overly distracted by all the little details! So all said, I’m very excited about this week. Here’s my first macro shot. Anyone want to guess what it is?

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miss elaini ous’ 50,000 for orphans

So this is a different sort of blogpost today. I want to draw all your attention to an incredible girl named Elaini, who went on a 100 day dress marathon to raise money for orphans in India. India is very near and dear to my heart as I’ve spent a combined nearly 6 months there over the past few years. The need IS huge and this girl is making a very big difference. Please take a moment and jump over to her blog at misselainious and read her story, her goal, and donate to her cause. She’s raised around $35,600 so far, so thats nearly $14,400 left to raise.

“And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.” – Jesus

“And the King will answer them, Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” -Jesus

Here’s a picture of me the last time I was in India.. which was 3 years ago now..

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