White Water Kayaking !

My family took the day and went to the National White Water Center in Charlotte to practice their kayaking. Hardshell kayaking is new to all of us except my dad and mom of course so dad wanted to get them into some whitewater after learning how to roll and brace and etc on their pond. I’ve never even been in a hardshell, and my IK is out of commission due to some holes in it, so I was simply the cheerleader, photographer and lifesaver. haha.





They flipped a lot.. this was their first taste of rapids in a hard kayak and they had to do a Class III right off the bat. But I was so proud of them! They all did really awesome.. and kept getting back in their kayaks and trying again. Sarah rolled herself back up at least 5 times!

I think this last one is my favorite shot of the whole day.. =D

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