Part 1- Colorado!

John and I flew out about 10 days ago and met my brother Josh in Denver, Colorado for a trip to re-visit all Josh and my birthplace, hometowns and family. The first night we camped at the base of Mt. Massive, which is the second highest peak in Colorado, placing it at number 3 in the lower continental US states.

We got up early the next morning to hit the trail and bag the peak!

And the peak! 14,421 ft! It was my 8th 14er.. so I’ve still got a long way yet if I want to bag all 53. =P

“Some children just don’t know when to stop pretending.”

The long trek back. Round trip it was 14 miles with a 4,000 ft elevation gain and then 4,000 ft loss on the way back.. and believe me when I say our legs and feet were sore by the time we got back to camp.. but it was so beautiful.. transcending..

Alpine meadows are the closest I can picture heaven to be like. Every time I throw myself down in one, surrounded by flowers, and watch the clouds float over and see the mountains in the distance.. I think I must almost be there.

Colorado’s state flower- the columbine. I’m going to have to say it’s my favorite flower ever.. even more than an orchid. :)

Ouray, Colorado. Tucked in among some of the most beautiful mountains.. it’s called the “Switzerland of America”. We call this our hometown. We lived here longer than any other place we’ve ever lived.. and spent our most memorable childhood years here. It was so special coming home.. eating breakfast at our favorite little cafe.. ooing and awwing at the gems in my favorite rock shop..

Then we drove up over the Million Dollar Highway (google it for pictures, it’s worth it) and headed down to Durango where some precious friends live.

We got to spend the evening with my birth dad’s life long best friend and family and some others of my parents lifelong friends. It was so incredibly wonderful being all together again!

We spent a lot of time looking at old pictures and talking and laughing and just being together.. :)

I’ll be posting more pictures from the rest of our trip soon! Coming up next is UTAH! -bet

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