Kitty Hawk Beach Trip! (iPhone pictures)

This is our collection of iPhone photos from our weekend trip to celebrate our half anniversary.. :) I’ll post the ones from my camera once I get home and sort and edit and such. :)
The Wright Brother’s Memorial…

The waves were huge! And no they don’t look big at all in the picture, but that’s what always happens. :P If you weren’t prepared (or sometimes even if you were) when they hit you, they’d knock you flat and carry you all the way to shore. :)

Going to Pamlico Jack’s for a fresh seafood dinner.. :)

Crabcakes.. they were some of the best I’ve ever had! So absolutely delicious..

The restaurant was right on the sound.. so we got to watch the sunset over the water right from our table.

Incredible fresh roasted coffe at Front Porch Cafe before we head home..


One thought on “Kitty Hawk Beach Trip! (iPhone pictures)

  1. d.ams says:

    looks so awesome!! * just a little jealous now* :)

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