Stevie’s Birthday Camping Trip

We love camping. I guess that’s stating the obvious, but we do. :)
The party this time consisited of John and me, the Detweiler family and cousin Tevin, Ruth’s boyfriend Mahlon, Jacob and Annetta and Danny. One big happy family. :)
The first evening it poured rain just as John started frying the burgers. Jacob and Danny kept the fire live while John finished the burgers under an umbrella and the rest of us dove for cover in cars and tents. The lucky few of us who clambered into my tent gathered around Mahlon’s computer and watched episodes of Penguins of Madagascar. Yay King Julien!
Blueberry Pancakes!

John took some awesome HDR’s of the waterfalls, so hopefully he will post some soon. So here’s a few of my single exposure shots. (I didn’t have a tripod and I was shaking cuz I was so hungry and tired so .. no hdrs by me. )

Happy Birthday Stevie!


One thought on “Stevie’s Birthday Camping Trip

  1. Laura says:

    Those two of Stevie perfectly capture him! :o) They made me smile. So glad you all had fun!

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