This is me.

This is random, I know.

I love being random. More than that. I wanted to be a little more personal this time. So.. I’m gonna talk a little about me. =]

First off – I’m a Jesus Freak. And proud of it. He changed my life, rather – He gave me life, and peace, freedom, victory, joy, love, hope. He lives inside of me and I rest in Him. He’s the reason I live. I breathe. And more than anything I want everyone to see Him when they look at me.

I adore John. He’s my best friend – my confidant and listener, my shooting buddy.. he makes me happy and fulfilled. He makes me strong. I love him. He listens to my endless chatter when I can’t shut up. He makes me talk when I don’t want to tell him whats wrong.. he makes me laugh harder than anyone else can. He makes me safe.

I love my family more than anything else. They’re my best friends.

I come alive in the water. I can spends hours – literally- jumping and swimming and doing handstands and flips and etc in my pool. I feel like a little kid unleashed in there. Apparently the other little kids do too, as they got me to have a water spitting contest with them. I think I won.

I’m addicted to Smoothies. My own creations, Smoothie King, Naked – you name it.

I adore:
my mini cooper. coldpress coffee. roxy. making delicious food. kids movies. bright colors. sunglasses. flip flops. veggie tales. mnm’s. blogging. coin collections. gift cards. perfumes. belgian chocolate. (for a start)

I’m a Lord of the Rings fanatic.

And last but not least.

One thought on “This is me.

  1. Bethy says:

    I LOVE you. :) I’m incredibly proud to be your friend…! p.s. the spitting contest made me burst out laughing.

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