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All the little things..

I’m a detail person. I love the little things. I love the little moments. Today I stopped to capture those little moments I love about my day. :) -beth

A yummy taco salad with fresh lettuce and tomatoes from my mother-in-law’s garden. My job -that I love, and texting my Bethy.

The new flowers John bought me for my porch..

Banana bread baking in the oven..

My little buddy Tangerine who keeps me company while John is at work..

La Minita Coffee from Costa Rica that comes to Caribou only once a year, a mint oreo and The Chronicles of Narnia.

“The children could not move. They were not even quite sure that they wanted to. The Lion paid no attention to them. Its huge red mouth was open, but open in song not in a snarl. It passed by them so close that they could have touched its mane. They were terribly afraid it would turn and look at them, yet in some queer way they wished it would.” -The Magician’s Nephew

Lake Norman

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been awhile since I posted. To my regret, I haven’t been shooting very much lately. Yesterday John took me down to Lake Norman State Park – It’s such a beautiful park and it feels wild to me.. lots of trees and of course lots of water. Somehow it feels kinda tucked away. We saw about a dozen deer while we were there, too. So.. here’s a few shots I got. :) -Beth
PS. Note the new watermark!

Bethys gone wild!

All photo credits go to Bethy Eicher. :)

Day #2 with Bethy

We made pizza together. So delicious. My favorite by far was the chicken mushroom alfredo with sauteed peppers and green chiles!


Orange Julius’!


Happiness!! (some photo credits go to Bethy) -beth

Day #1 with Bethy

My dear friend Bethy is here for the weekend! We made a checklist of things we want to do while she was here, and Fresh Berry and a girl party were two of them we knocked off in the first day. It was a blast! Some of my all time besties in one yummy place. :) -beth


Joe and Karinda – one more peek. :)

Joe & Karinda! One last peek at your wedding photos – and I say last because I finished editing them all today! I hope you love them. It was awesome working with you guys. -beth

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