On The Border!

Our last evening that we had with Josh before he left for Black Hillls, South Dakota. We went to REI to grab a few more things for his wilderness experience. We all could get lost in that store for hours – and that’s literally what we did. This photo is standing in the parking lot trying out the new flex tripod we bought. So super cool! Now I wanna get out and shoot a waterfall or something! PS. Notice how blurry the trees are in the photo – a storm was brewing….

So.. around 9:30 we finally drug ourselves out of the store and went over to On the Border! WOOT WOOT!

Guacamole LIVE! For all you non On the Border go-ers, Guacamole LIVE is the best way you can ever eat Guac. The waitress comes out and makes it from scratch at your table. So fresh.. and SO delicious!

And the finished masterpiece…. [no, in-between 6 starving people, that didn’t last very long]

Enchiladas Suizas. My On the Border favorite. The creamy sauce is made from tomatillos. It’s delectable. =]

As we were getting ready to leave, a waiter comes out and asks if he can close our umbrella, because a tornado had just touched down in the area. At first we were sure he must’ve said something else because he was so chill. But as we had been eating outside we were also watching the storm get closer and closer. By the time we made it out to our cars it had come over us and we were in a torrential downpour with lightning flashing across the sky. The trees were all bent over and thrashing about in the wind. It was wild! We started driving home but the crazy thing was nearly the whole drive home we were in the deep of the storm. We checked the weather and there were five severe weather alerts in the area we were in. One was the tornado that had touched down in the area.. we had travled WITH the storm. We finally got back to Mooresville and the storm finally died down. That was a drive we won’t forget for a long time!


2 thoughts on “On The Border!

  1. christa ramirez says:

    O man, i miss american mexican food! Its just not the same here! Ali and I would normally go to a mexican resturant over others in the states and I miss it like crazy….

  2. Bethy says:

    I LOVE the pics…but that storm sound scary. I’m really glad you guys are okay…

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