Ida’s Birthday Camping Trip =]

For Ida’s birthday we took her camping at Lake James. It was an awesome weekend!

Lake James – its such a beautiful lake! Framed by the mountains..

John was the chef for the weekend… and he’s a good one, too. :P

Banana pancakes!

The girl is trying to kiss the guy, who is seriously freaking out. The little brother thinks its disgusting and the dad in the back isn’t so thrilled. I wonder what happens next?

That is a worn out chef – =)

A cup of coffee is always better shared…


Roasting hot dogs….

And the angel of the Lord came upon them?

And this is called arguing with yourself….


2 thoughts on “Ida’s Birthday Camping Trip =]

  1. Bethy says:

    I love this!! makes me feel happy! :D The eggs one cracked me up immensely! I love the one of John’s feet coming out of the tent…and the swimming one makes me uber jealous and I like the one of you and Ruth with the cup…sister-ship…:) And the last ones of Sam are exceedingly awesome! You must tell me how you did that! :)

    • duoimagery says:

      Bethy – The one of Sam is one photo. We took it in the dark with a 25 second exposure. He posed himself, John light up his body with a flashlight, shut the flashlight off while Sam stepped over and resposed, John lit him up again, etc. :)

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