Three Goats Coffee Shop

May I introduce you to Three Goats Coffee. The official favorite coffee shop of Duoimagery.

This is my con panna. Its espresso with whipped cream on top. so smooth.
[making photography brochures. coming soon!]

{coffee lover’s delight}

john+iphone+latte=happiness. wait a moment..

my loves. [a couple of them]

john’s latte. ooh.

If you’re ever in the Mooresville area, be sure to check them out! Three Goats Coffee


5 thoughts on “Three Goats Coffee Shop

  1. Bethy says:

    I like everything about this post. Can’t wait to try this place out…it looks marvelous…

    So…it’s even better than Caribou?

  2. Gretta says:

    Three goats coffee. The name makes me shiver as I imagine that unmistakable goaty flavor… In coffee? ;)

    • duoimagery says:

      Noo.. that’s not why its called that! Its called that because of one of the legends of how coffee was invented. :) A goat herder came upon his goats frolicking and jumping around after eating some weird berries. So he tried them and it gave him all this energy.. and then they boiled them to make it into a drink for whenever you needed a pick me up. :) -beth

  3. Rob says:


    Thanks you two, great photos. So you are good at this picture taking stuff. See you soon…

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