Green, green, everywhere..

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!!


4 thoughts on “Green, green, everywhere..

  1. Bethy says:

    *shriek* I LOVE every tiny detail of this post! The one with the lucky charms made me gasp in happiness and the graaaasss!! Sooo green and lovely:) the balloons are so happy! Can my camera make the sun look awesome like that? and if so, how do I make it do that?? :P the last is my favorite I think. Your toesies are beyond cute;)


    p.s. May I dip my finger in the icing of one of those cupcakes? ;) :)

    • duoimagery says:

      Yes your camera can do that too;) but maybe not quite as good cuz the lense Bethany was using is really good. Anywho you turn you aperture up like 18- 22 or something :)

  2. John Christopher says:

    Wow! I loved these pics. Green is awesome! Especially since I have like 3 drops of Irish blood in me somewhere. Oh and I have that exact shade of green Converse too :)

  3. meg martin says:

    fun, fun post. green is my favorite color! happy belated st patty’s day.

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