Coffee.. is it good for you?

I LOOOVE coffee!!
I ran across this post the other day called “5 health reason to not quit coffee”.
the five reasons were:
1. It protect your heart
2. It diverts diabetes
3. Your liver loves it
4. It boosts your brain power
5. It helps your headaches
So decide for your self if its good for you, but personally i think thats pretty cool :) Read the complete story here. It gets me up in the morning (and keeps me up at night sometimes)

Its awesome to warm up on a cold day – like this one in Chicago.

I dont actually like Starbucks but I thought its a great picture for the post:)


3 thoughts on “Coffee.. is it good for you?

  1. Bethy says:

    Coffee: the nectar of life:)

  2. 07jdavie says:

    hello im 14 years old i drink coffee every day i took triple science as an option and we are studying the effects of caffeine on the body we did an experiment on the body to see if it sped up the reaction time, can relieve head aches and believe it or not lower your risk of getting cavities. we havent done and work on the ingredientes (except for caffeine) but still, i hope this helped x

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