Ranee’s birthday party!

Ranee turned 20! yay!
I loved her party. We just.. totally chilled and freestyled the whole day. My favorite type of party. :)
ps. Isn’t she so cute blowing out candles? Most of the time people look kinda funny like gasping for breath. She’s so cute!
<3 you Ranee!


2 thoughts on “Ranee’s birthday party!

  1. Bethy says:

    She IS cute! I usually look fishy. I always try to blow the candles out when no one is looking:P Come to think of it, I haven’t had candles in ages…:) I like the grilling pics. Made me hungry and I just ate:P Looks amazing!

    • duoimagery says:

      Haha. I bet YOU look cute too! You haven’t had candles in ages? WHAT? How can you even have a birthday without candles? Its like.. an unbirthday! :P
      I like that they made you hungry even though you just ate. :) btw. they were totally completely amazing! -beth

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