the game of chess.

I love chess. I could play it over and over again. For hours – literally. I always favored the black rather than the white. Then you could watch to see what they do first. I love that.
I always wondered why the game was over when the king was captured, rather than the queen. She’s the one with all the fancy tricks – all he does is sit there until threatened. Then he hops away, one space at a time. Never seemed very magnificent to me.
Guess I’ll never know.?
ps. [hand-carved chess set from India]

3 thoughts on “the game of chess.

  1. gretta says:

    p.s. we have a hand-carved chess set identical to this one. :)

  2. Bethy says:

    Your question at the end made me giggle:)

    Chess always reminds me of Erik. He loved playing this game so much…

  3. duoimagery says:

    Gretta- how cool IS that? :D
    Bethy- did you ever wonder that too? Maybe someday I’ll find out why..
    [maybe in heaven you can play it with him and then we’ll find out why the king is the game over rather than the queen]
    beth :)

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