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The heart is a bloom… Shoots up through the stony ground ..

“See the world in green and blue-
And see the bird with a leaf in her mouth,
After the flood all the colors came out ..
It’s a beautiful day
Don’t let it get away
It’s a beautiful day!’



Cuteness Personified

I just couldn’t resist posting a couple more pictures.

“Jenna is so sunshiney.. like she has a tropical heart.”

I love those two girls a lot.


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Of darling little sisters, funny dogs and random hats.

..and she decides the doggy needs a hat, too.


And the blurry little puppy who just can’t STAND to be left out of all the fun.. I mean.. c’mon!


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Ranee’s birthday party!

Ranee turned 20! yay!
I loved her party. We just.. totally chilled and freestyled the whole day. My favorite type of party. :)
ps. Isn’t she so cute blowing out candles? Most of the time people look kinda funny like gasping for breath. She’s so cute!
<3 you Ranee!

.. the moments that take your breath away..

John was waiting for the perfect time to give me my first roses.
I was so delighted.
<3 him.