Sweet 16.

This is Bob, our minion buddy. He’s traveled with us since Steamboat. I think he liked the Badlands. He got a little cold during the picture, poor guy. He’s pretty brave though!
Another very important buddy on our trip. Still haven’t named him yet. Blacky? Nah. I was thinking something more intimidating.. like – Shelton or Tim.

ps. Just another sneak peak. You have no idea how many pictures we’ve been taking.


4 thoughts on “Sweet 16.

  1. Bethy says:

    This post makes me so happy I’m about to explode! Caribou coffee…*happy sigh* And I LOVE Bob! I can just hear his voice and eager little noises lol…:)

  2. Laura says:

    I only saw “Despicable Me” last week, and I so want a minion now…and you have one! I love it! I am so glad you are both (well, the three of you if you count Bob lol) having such a good time.

    Oh, and I like Sheldon for the car name. Unless she’s a girl car; then Sheldon would be just kind of weird. :o)

    • duoimagery says:

      Laura- I know.. I would love to have a REAL one! Wouldn’t that be awesome..? :)
      Well it’s a guy car. [but the names were a joke.. a quote from Ice Age 3 :D ] I’m still working on a real name for it though :P

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