A Beautiful Frosty Morning

I love mornings when the sun is just rising and everything is awakening to a new day, especially frosty mornings like this.


5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Frosty Morning

  1. Katie Troyer says:

    I love these shots, makes me miss the frosty mornings of up north.

  2. gretta says:

    that last picture! my personal fav. =)

  3. Laura says:

    These are so good! Love them! :o)

  4. Bethy says:

    These are incredible! Wow…absolutely beautiful. I especially love #3 and the last one…and the black and white one. Taking the color out somehow makes the texture of things pop:)

  5. duoimagery says:

    Thanks everybody! and thanks to our nice neighbors who let me shoot their property:)

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