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driving to PA..

Driving up to PA yesterday we saw this church and couldn’t resist stopping for some pictures. It reminds me of the Cathedral of Norte Dam..



Driving to PA

Here we go, Bethany and I in the mini ;) heading to PA to shoot Jacob and Annetta's wedding tomorrow. I love shooting weddings with Bethany :)

a good book and a coffee.

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” -Cicero


fall comes again..

Who doesn’t agree that fall is one of the most beautiful seasons.. if not the most beautiful? As fall is arriving this year I’ve been thinking a lot. The stunning colors sprinkled everywhere among the trees.. the leaves scattered on the ground and the desperately blue skies.. it’s intriguing to me that all this beauty is because of.. death. The leaves turn from green to the shocking shades and variations of yellows, oranges and reds only because the leaves are dying. Somehow that amazes me. That not *despite* – but- ¬†*because* … because of death, there is inexpressible beauty.


Bethany’s First Post..

So for my very first post on our blog.. what do you guess I would put up? Yep.. My Mini Cooper. I just couldn’t resist. I love HDR photography and I rather liked how this one turned out. And yay for fall! And after fall comes winter.. and then.. CHRISTMAS! I’m getting dreadfully distracted. I’ve had lots of people ask me if I like my ride.. if I’m pleased with it, etc. My answer is always an absolute yes. I adore it!


Yaaaay, the first post!:)

This afternoon Ruth, Samuel, Bethany, and I went out and did a little photo shoot. It was fun!
Bethany and Samuel’s cons
Samuel and his guitar
My beautiful fiancee 
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